Jul 29

The resolution

We managed to get back to the boat within a day or two and get down to work.  I sent Feng away, with the dog, to give me some working space and began to cover myself in diesel again.  New pump in hand, I emptied 28 litres of grungy diesel fuel out of the tank – we’re talking milky fuel mixed with about 3 inches of dark brown sludge.  I’ve never seen anything like it!  I replaced all of the hoses and ran through at least 3 fuel filters before it was running clear again.

I still had one problem… the fuel was flowing freely until it hit the lift-pump.  I spent a full day trying to figure out how to get the engine primed and the lift-pump working again before I buckled and had to call-in professional help.  Ed Breen (Breen Marine) came out and [expensively] found the problem.  Apparently the previous owner re-used crush gaskets for the fuel lift-pump and when the engine strained under load of sucking in bad diesel, it also sucked air into the pump and broke the syphon.  The air killed the engine.  *sigh*

At any rate, a large bill later and a few extra hoses and filters to keep on hand, the problem is resolved!  Yay!  We now have a better-than-ever diesel engine and are headed for Bayfield…

For the record…

- Don’t buy fuel hoses at Princess Auto.

- Make sure to check that all fuel hoses, nipples and connections are the correct size.  My engine now has a mix of 1/4, 3/8 and 5/8 hoses connecting to various bits.  Ugh.

- My engine uses Napa Gold 3166 (Carquest 86166) filters.  They seem to be stocked in two’s.  Two in Goderich, Two in London etc…  Buy them when you can!

- I don’t like the taste of diesel.

- Don’t re-use fuel crush gaskets.

- Fuel filters come with 3-4 gaskets + 2 o-rings.  Don’t use them all.  2 gaskets + 2 o-rings is what you need.

blah blah, boring entry, I know.  But this will help me in the future.




  1. E. says:

    I only understand less than half of what you are talking about on your blog, so I think you should keep the photos coming :D Good to know that you don’t like the taste of diesel. Happy sailing!

  2. halldp says:

    Hello Jordan and Feng,

    Glad to see you guys still out plugging along, hope everything is ok. I have some pictures to send to you, please send me your email. In case you lost our card, my email address is halldp@one.net

    Best wishes,
    Darwin and Betsy Hall
    S/V LYRE

    By the way, we all need a tow at one time or another.