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Aug 04

Bayfield and Beyond

Once again, I’ve been lax in catching up with this journal.  It’s been a really long trip with not much to discuss and even less to photograph.  However, Bayfield was next on our journey.  A simple, uneventful, almost-3-hour trip south.  Once again, we were heading south and once again the light winds were blowing from the south west.  Barely enough to damp the north west rollers coming in.  For those that haven’t been out in that, it makes for a wallowing few hours.  We could barely motorsail for a few minutes and the rest was too light to do much of anything other than motor… and sleep.  Once again, Rossi proves she can sleep just about anywhere.

People ask me if Rossi "likes sailing". I'd have to say she's comfortable with it...

Rossi finds a pillow and goes back to sleep.

Rossi can sleep about anywhere.

Once we arrived things got better!  We were given a good slip with the “big” boats because we asked for a large dock to accommodate our small boat.  As a result, we were moored in beside a giant 48′ Tayana and some large powerboats.  The facilities are limited at the Village of Bayfield municipal marina (Bayfield Marina); The bathrooms were dark and a bit grungy and there is nothing else other than ice available.  On the bright side, it’s a very short walk into the pleasant main strip of Bayfield where you can get everything you need.

Barely after we got settled in and had some lunch, we were happy to see our first visitors arrive!  Danna and Bill Hunter dropped in while on a father-daughter motorcycle ride and chatted with us for a while.  As always, visits with Danna are too short.

We're practically a motorcycle gang.

Trying to self-photograph all four of us and the boat!

Danna sent me a few phone-pics that she managed to snap;  I’ll include them here and assume she won’t mind!

We're still surviving! Our little boat for 3 and the 48' Tayana for one couple...

I'll eventually convince Feng that motorcycles are a good thing...

Throughout our trip, friends, family and well wishers tell us to “be safe”.  Apparently sailing isn’t as dangerous as this…

Keep clear of swinging upper!

The next day was filled with more visitors.  Jen, Emily and Ashley came out for what promised to be a cloudy, rainy day at the beach.  Two kids, rain gear, beach wear, hats, sunglasses, picnics and the kitchen sink.  Well, everything but the kitchen sink.  My nieces had a great time playing on the boat, exploring the v-berth and demanding a motorboat ride before the beach.  We puttered up the river for a tour then a quick spin out on the lake.  I don’t think we saw much but the girls had big smiles.  We finished the afternoon with some lunch and swimming at the beach.  They found a “big stone” out in the water they could climb on and Rossi had fun herding us all and chasing sticks.

Emily pokes her out through the fore hatch.

I can't wait until Ashley is old enough to learn to sail. I imagine she'll have an aptitude for it.

Five girls on the boat... I'm in trouble.

Open your eyes girls!

Three, Four or Thirty-Four, sailing provides something for everyone.  This picture makes me happy seeing everyone have a good time on the boat.  Things to see, sunshine, family and friends; it’s all fun on the water.  Notice that we’re all wearing life jackets!  Safety first.

Sailing provides something for everyone.

My mother and two guests from St. Lucia (Shawna and Deanne) popped in on their way to Sarnia on the following day.  Unfortunately, I forgot to pull out the camera but it was only a short, quick visit on their way through town.  Hopefully we’ll see them again in Port Stanley.

Finally, at the end of the day, we are left with quiet Bayfield.

Once again, the day ends serenly looking west.

Just a quick note about Bayfield;  I liked our time visiting this small village.  I don’t think we would purposefully stay there as a ‘vacation’ but if you are driving near it on Highway 21, make sure you stop in.  Their art galleries, work shops, cafe’s and ice cream parlours are really worth the time you’ll spend stopping.  There’s a restaurant called “The Docks” right on the highway that has amazing hamburgers and an artist in town that will do commissioned work at a very reasonable price.  There’s a painting that looks exactly like Emily… Wish we could have bought it.