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Jul 09

Our day at Club Island

We spent the day relaxing and exploring this little island.  We discovered rocks, poison ivy and beautiful sunsets.

Me in my element. Reading a book, in a place far away from civilization.

Rowing back to the boat with the Admiral looking on.

The admiral keeps watch as new boaters arrive and sea gulls stay out of he reach.

Eventually the sun must set.  There were six boats that eventually made it into the harbour, ranging from our small 26′ up to a giant 54′ beauty from the USA.

Sunset at Cove Island

Another sunset photo... I just can't get enough.

The 6 vessels hiding away on a remote island. Need you ask why we sail?

And the row back to the boat… I had to take another one.

One last picture of the boat.

The evening comes to a close with three fantastic reflections of the sun…

The sun reflects of the clouds and water.


Jul 03


It’s always nice to start a big trip with a send off from old friends and, in this case, some new ones too.

Firstly, it was fantastic to see Rob, Sue and their daughter Sarah and Jeff on Friday night for a sunset sail.  (Rob, you’ll have to send me those pictures!)  Thanks for bringing over the wine and smoked salmon!  That was really good.  In fact, we liked it so much, Feng is demanding I put in an order for your next batch.  haha.

We met some extremely nice folks in Goderich during our time there; Their assistance was, and is, invaluable.  Mark & Michael especially.  I do hope we cross paths in the future and thanks for welcoming us into the boating community!

Lastly, we met another cruising couple heading in the same direction we are; Betsy and Darwin on their 1985 self-built Hunter have managed to take a month and are cruising from Clinton, Ohio up to the north channel.  Slow-paced and relaxed, that’s the way to do it!  I’m sure we’ll bump into you later on this trip and hope to share some more sunsets as we do.

Once again, I have been remiss in taking pictures of what matters most – the people.


Jun 28

Two sails

A week ago, we spent the weekend scrubbing down the boat.  We ‘wasted’ two full days of beautiful weather cleaning instead of sailing so we took a break and went on our first sunset sail.

Sunsets are easy to find on Lake Huron so here are a couple quick photos… not the best as I was shooting one-handed with the ol’ Canon P&S camera.  Even the dogs, our Rossi and friend Oliver, enjoyed the trip out and back.

Just this past weekend, we met with my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Scott for a late breakfast and afternoon sail.  It was Cathy’s first time being on a sail boat and, as far as I could tell, we had a good and interesting time.  She wasn’t keen on heeling at first but grew more comfortable as we sailed.   Beautiful weather but unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures.