Jul 25

Heywood Cove – Ooh la la!

I’m really behind now in my postings… oh boy.  I guess it’s time to add one from a while back.

We left Baie Fine on a scorching hot, no-wind sort of day.  We did have to make a side trip to the far east end of the fjord.  We left reasonably early in the morning and found no wind, no traffic and all kinds of scenery that looked like this…

Glassy water, rocks and trees.

The fjord is narrowing as we move towards the east end.

More rocks, more trees, more still water reflections, more silence... except for the chug-chug-chug of the diesel.

Seriously.  We spent two hours motoring east on the fjord with no boats until near the end.  It was like this mirror image the whole way… until a stink-pot, powerboat blasted past us with some 5-minute tourists.

We then came across this remote cabin with literally nothing around it.  It sits atop a rock.  I mean, ‘island’.  There’s nothing else there… and a LONG way to get to anything else.  Although I like remote places, I can’t figure out why someone would build here.  It’s inconvenient and there’s a steady stream of tourists parading past your front door.

A long way to go, to get to no where and then stay right in the middle of the sight-seeing route. I don't get it...

At the end of the fjord, you can drop down into a very narrow channel which takes you another partial mile into what they call ‘The Pool’.  This little area would be fun to explore had we planned more time.  It falls within Killarney Provincial (National?) park boundaries so there are lots of hiking trails to various inland lakes and is pretty just to look at.  Although I don’t think you’d want to anchor in the eXtreme-weed bottom.  It looks like The Pool may become solid ground if those weeds grow much more!  Wow.  Ooops… I neglected to take any photos while we were there.  You’ll have to visit it yourself if you’d like to see.

We then did a 180-degree turn and motored back towards the fjord… the boat in front of us made a sudden circle-turn to look at something… VULTURES! Here’s a cropped image I took as we passed.

Scavenging on a small island, these look to be some sort of vulture.

ok… that’s it with the photos.  We motored out of The Pool’s channel, the length of the fjord, passed Mary Ann’s cove, through the entrance rock gauntlet and across Fraser Bay.  There wasn’t enough wind to sail so we just kept on motoring all the way to Heywood Island.  Heywood is a pretty cool little place with a wide-open main cove, a nook to the west and then a long, narrow channel in which you can anchor anywhere.  We pulled in to scope the area and spotted one of our new friends… Michael and Liz on Friday’s Child!  Excellent, we had been hoping to catch up with them on the trip at some point.  What a perfect chance meeting.

We discover Michael and Liz on Friday's Child, already at anchor.

The afternoon was spent walking the dog… well… more like swimming the dog.  The south end of Heywood Cove is all sand and only a few feet deep.  Feng, Rossi and I waded and bathed out in the still water.  I think this may have been Rossi’s favourite day… ALL of us swimming at the same time!  She even learned to fetch flip-flops that were making an escape.

Feng wades in the shallow water with Vixen behind.

Outstanding. Well, out standing anyway.

Ok, enough about that.  You don’t want to see me, right?  You want to see more of her!  :-D

Feng with a cheesy pose. (I *TOLD* you I would post this if you insisted!)

There, that's better. The Fonzie we know and love.

Ohhh!  This is a sail log.  Perhaps we better post some photos of the boat.

Another photo of Vixen floating at anchor.

Little boat on the big lakes.

All good days must come to a close.  We joined Michael and Liz for wine and appetizers.  It was really rather tough to get us all looking at the camera at once… a bit of a gong show.  ha!  But it was a good time.  Here’s the only two good shots we managed to take.

Feng and Liz laughing at Michael and I for being overly picky about having things in their proper place.

Feng, Liz, Michael and Jordan... we really need a photographer to join us!

All’s well that ends well.  Fair winds and safe travels.