Jul 17

Covered Portage Cove

Our trip from Killarney to our first “must see” destination of Covered Portage Cove was a short one.  After all the treacherous warnings of rocks and so-on, it was not nearly so dangerous.  It was a very quick trip out of Killarney, to the west, U-turn around some rocks and then back to the east.  It is, of course, gorgeous but being so close to Killarney it can really pack up.  Fortunately for us, it didn’t fill up while we were there.

The lighthouse enroute to Covered Portage Bay

Covered Portage Cove is a little hidey-hole.  A nice cove with good anchoring bottom, no exposure to the waves and enough room to spread out.  We were fortunate to cross paths with another cruising couple that we had met in Goderich; Dave and Patty on Pelican a Nonsuch… 30?  32? and then we met quite a few other boaters at a spontaneous and informal pot-luck ashore.  There was a cute little tug-boat in the harbour too but we didn’t get a chance to visit with them.

The entrance to Covered Portage Cove at dusk.

The calmness of Covered Portage Cove left the boats in all directions.

Rossi swam all afternoon.  She joined us at the pot-luck dinner and ended up going off to swim with the beaver!  She didn’t understand why the beaver kept swimming away so she’d just go in and paddle along in the same direction.  She eventually came back to the dinghy to go home but was looking more ‘at home’ in the water than she was on land.  She fell asleep on the stern of our boat, between the snorkel vents and on top of our stern cleat, wedged beside the rudder.  How she fell asleep I don’t know!

Rossi was dog tired after swimming all afternoon and was willing to sleep anywhere.

The following day, we waved good-bye to everyone who had been there the night before and we decided to spend the day swimming, exploring and a little hiking.  It was quite hot out and I had to go in too.

The morning left us with no other boats in the inner cove. We had it to ourselves until it began to rain later.

Rossi awaits permission, before rock diving into the lake.

She spends hours a day, swimming like a beaver.

When she wasn't swimming, Rossi went hunting for truffles, squirrels and chipmunks.

It wasn’t just Rossi exploring, Feng and I were climbing as well.

Outer cover at Covered Portage. We were able to see this after climbing high up in the rocks.

It appears I can’t upload any more photos to this post… I’ll have to continue.