Jul 17

More exploring of Covered Portage Cove (part 2)

… the continuation.

Still enamoured with my little boat, I found a good place to spy on her through the trees.

We then took the dinghy to a marked trail.

Every boat needs another boat. She gets us around.

Feng, Rossi and I continued exploring the shores of Covered Portage Cove.  We found lots of swimming, rocks to climb good views… and Blueberries!

Feng and Rossi hiking up the shore.

Not too close to the edge, Dum-Dum! It's a LOOOONG way down.

And a surprise up in the hill… BLUEBERRIES!

Wild Blueberries and one (less wild) happy camper.

What goes up, must come back down.  We descended in the heat; It was very hot… as it has been all week.

Hiking down the marked trail. VERY warm in long pants!

Rossi is the first to be ready for a swim.  She was checking depth and safety long before I could get my swim trunks on…

The Admiral survey's the depth before allowing bathing.

Rossi was the first in and escalated to "Beaver Apprentice".

I had to jump in the water. Rossi was worried that I might not be able to swim.

Feng chickened out and wouldn’t join us in the cool, refreshing cove.  I think she’ll regret that one day.

The rain was moving in and we thought we better head below.  Rossi couldn’t understand why it was okay to swim in the sun, but not in the rain… I have to agree.  Hey, why not?

Rossi is wondering why we're hiding indoors from the approaching rain.

As we batten the hatches, the Admiral shows concern for the silly power boaters that may not know how to anchor.

It did rain, and it rained with quite a bit of water, but the ‘storm’ never materialized.

After the rain, a little steam hangs around the entrance to the cove.

Our final sunset at Covered Portage Cove. Even after a rain, the stillness returns.

And that finishes Day 2 at Covered Portage Cove.  In the morning, we’ll make our way down the Lansdowne Channel and across Fraser Bay… Baie Fine is our destination and I can’t wait.